Selecting A Water Filtration System That Will Be Effective In Your Home

If the water in your home has a lot of minerals in it or is heavily chlorinated by the municipal water department before getting to your faucet, you may want to consider adding some water filtration in your home. There are many options for water filtration systems, so you can tailor the system to your needs and scale it to fit your home.

Fixture-Specific Filtration

Water filtration is sometimes only needed to remove things from the water you are drinking, and adding a single water filter to a specific faucet in your home may be all you need. Small systems filter water through a cartridge filter under the sink and provide water to a small spigot installed alongside the main one. You can draw drinking water from this faucet and all other water from the regular tap.

If you don't have space for the additional faucet, you can install a cartridge filter on the cold water line under the sink, and then all of the cold water coming out of your faucet will be filtered, but the hot water will not. This stops filtration on water used for cooking or washing dishes while allowing it for water that you will drink. 

You may also want to consider putting a water filter on the cold water in the bathroom sink, so water used for brushing teeth or nighttime water is fresh and clean. Most home improvement centers offer kits to install these small water filtration systems yourself, or you can hire a plumber to install one for you. 

Whole House Water Filtration

Installing a water filtration system for your whole house is another option you may want to consider if you have hard water in the area and need to soften it and filter things out. These systems are installed on the waterline coming into the house, and all the water passes through it. If you are dealing with water that has iron and other heavy metals or minerals in it, removing them is essential for water taste and quality, but it also can help protect the plumbing, water heater, and fixtures in the home.

Whole house water filtration systems are typically installed in the basement or crawlspace of the home and use several filters that are tailored to the situation and will filter out the minerals or materials that are a problem in your area. Most modern systems do not require much maintenance, so have the water filtration system installer come and service the unit regularly.

While cartridge filters need changing regularly, a whole house system often has an auto flush feature that uses a salt brine to backflush the system and clean the media, ensuring you always have clean water coming into your home. Your installer can go over when to add salt to the brine tank, and then they will check it on a schedule you determine to keep it running properly.

If you are interested in getting a water filtration system installed in your home, contact a professional in your area to get started.