3 Pertinent Questions To Help You Choose A More Suitable Gas Fireplace

When renovating your home or perhaps building a new one, you should look for ways to increase its value. Replacing the roof, plumbing system, and sinks will help you do it. However, installing a gas fireplace will help you boost your home's value more effectively. Unfortunately, most people get it wrong because they do not know what to consider when installing a gas fireplace or what the installation process entails. If you are looking for a gas fireplace for your home, let the following questions guide your decision.

How Is It Ignited? 

Gas fireplaces come in different types, and they have varying ignition options. So the ignition method should be one of the top considerations when installing a gas fireplace. Some of these fireplaces use an electronic ignition system, while others are ignited using a conventional pilot light. The technology integrated into the gas fireplaces with pilot lights makes them more reliable. However, you must keep them burning continuously to meet your needs. Most people prefer gas fireplaces that are electronically ignited because they don't necessarily require a constant pilot light.

Where Do You Intend to Set It Up? 

Once you know the type of gas fireplace you want to install and how it's ignited, you also need to consider where it will be set up. Actually, a gas fireplace can be more efficient and reliable based on where you place or install it. Where you set it up may highly depend on its size and the space available. As you decide where to set it up, it's good to consider if you may later need to add a gas insert or modify the existing chimney. If you choose an eclectic style, ensure its setup requirements will not affect the classic appearance you want to create.

How Much Heat Output Do You Need?

Gas fireplaces come in varying designs, and you may get confused when buying one. Luckily, it's an easy task when you know your heat output requirements. Usually, the size of the space you want to heat determines the gas fireplace design you choose. A model with a lower output is a more suitable option for someone who wants to heat a small space. However, you may need to install a gas fireplace that produces more heat when heating a larger space, perhaps a living space with an open concept. If you don't consider the heat output aspect, you will end up with a fireplace that won't efficiently heat your rooms.