4 Reasons To Still Use Coin-Based Laundry Equipment

With modern technology, many laundromat services include card-based technology and the ability to use bank accounts to pay for loads of laundry. As you shop with a laundry machine equipment distributor, you will come across a lot of coin-based machines or machines that accept either cards or coins.

Here are some of the reasons to still used coin-based technology, and how your laundromat can profit from the extra business.

1. Customer Reach

Some of your potential customers may not have access to a credit card or debit card. Others may not want to blindly slide their cards into the machines. No matter what the customer's reason is, give customers plenty of options to choose from. The use of quarters in a washer is a classic tradition and something people may not want to change.

Even if you have just a couple of coin-based washers, you can expand your customer reach and can advertise the use of coins in your laundromat. The advertisements will help reach additional customers who seek out washers and dryers that operate on coins.

2. Vending Machine Sales

Expand extra sales at your laundromat with vending machines. When customers already have quarters for the washing machine, they may feel more tempted to purchase a snack or drink at the vending machine. The extra difference can help you turn a profit and increase vending sales.

3. Arcade Machine Uses

If your laundromat has a lot of kids, then you could make even more money with the installation of an arcade machine. An arcade machine will typically take quarters and help boost business. You could lease an arcade machine and split profits or purchase your own arcade machine and collect all the quarters that you get over time. 

When customers get quarters for laundry, they may decide to use some on the arcade machines while they wait for their laundry. The more arcade machines you feature, the more chances you have to increase profits.

4. Less Credit Card Fees

When you use machines with credit cards, some of your profits will go directly to credit card companies who charge fees for transactions. When you use quarter-based laundromat equipment, you collect the quarters and do not have to worry about cutting into your fees or extra costs.

The daily extra may not seem like a lot, but the profits can add up in weeks, months, or years. Keep coin-based machines in mind as you pick out laundry equipment for your location.

For more information, contact an equipment distributor such as CG West in your area.